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Understanding Toxicity and Toxic Chemicals


How often do you use skincare products, make up or other beautifying products?  How many products do you use daily? You will be shocked to find out just how many toxic chemicals and ingredients are regularly used in  personal care products. With your skin being the largest organ in your body, some chemicals (some of which may be toxic) you put on it go directly in your bloodstream, and then into the rest of the body.

Have you ever wondered what dangerous chemicals your body is absorbing through your skin? How about over time? From your deodorant, soaps, and lotions, to your shampoos, hair dyes, and even your makeup foundation – most personal care products on the market contain toxic chemicals.

A Toxin/Poison is defined as any substance that has a harmful effect on a living organism. Some common toxins include parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and triclosan – chemicals that are linked to hormonal imbalances, reproductive health problems, and cancers. Instead of nourishing your skin, these chemicals may disrupt your skin short-term, and even affect your overall health in the long-term.


What exactly is toxicity?

Toxicity is the science of poisons, the study of the harmful interactions between chemicals and biological systems. As a general rule, the measure of toxicity depends on the amount of exposure, how you were exposed (i.e. inhalation versus topical application), and how long you were exposed to the chemicals (time).
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The more toxic a component is, the smaller the amount necessary to be absorbed before harmful effects are caused. The lower the toxicity, the greater the quantity of it is needed to create a harmful effect.

In order for a chemical to produce a biological effect, it must first reach an individual through different means of exposure (e.g. applying makeup or lotions with chemical ingredients). Then, the chemical must reach a target site within the body (through your bloodstream).  and then BOOM a negative effect! Therefore, “Toxicity” is a function of the dose(hoe much) of a foreign chemical at its target site (where), integrated over time (how long). Individual factors such as body weight will also influence the dose at the target site. Also good to note, is that the magnitude of the toxic response is proportional to the concentration (how much) of the chemical at the target site.


So, why is Toxicology relevant to you as a consumer?

The science of Toxicology helps people make informed decisions when it comes to their favorite products. By giving consumers essential information on toxins and chemicals, toxicology will help you know and balance and mitigate  the risks that come with using your favorite chemical-laden products (in comparison to their advertised benefits).

Were you aware of the amount of toxins in your skincare products and how they are affecting you? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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Society of Toxicology


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