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Christine F. Sales Representative , Royal lePage York North, Aurora, Canada, July 2014

I approach things from both scientific and emotional experiences. I really love the bath Cubes and think they are a physical experience to an emotional affair with your bath. Since I adore baths especially after a long week, I enjoyed the unexpected extras that the bath cubes deliver. They stimulate the senses of sight, smell and touch.  Sight: they are incredibly attractive – little cubes of joy – designed with leaves or flowers embedded in them. They are extremely aromatic and when you drop one in the water, the water takes on the subtle perfume. The water becomes a smooth as …

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Scientifically Use the Natural Active Ingredients of Plants

natural ingredients

At Olliane, we scientifically use the natural active ingredients of plants for creating effective antioxidants and essential skin nutrition products, while maintaining their freshness and potency.

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Scientifically Tested

scientific testing

Our skincare products are developed by Dr. Irit Van-Ham at Olliane’s laboratories and are based on many years of scientific research and professional knowledge in both toxicology and pharmacology.

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