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Saskia J. Richmond Hill, ON Canada, Dec 2013

Irit, I love your Olliane foot cream! After I put it on, I feel my feet starting to ‘tinkle’ inside and that gives a very relaxing feeling. The best part is that ‘healing feeling’ lasts for a long time. It felt very soothing, and I like the consistency. My clients (I’m also a Reflexologist) love it. The scent is very subtle. Awesome product that I highly recommend…and NO toxins!

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Truly Personalized, Non-Toxic and Fresh

Fresh, Non toxic products

Olliane recognizes that some of the current skincare products may cause harmful effects which may damage your skin and health. Our products contain only non-toxic natural ingredients.

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Olliane FAQ

When was Olliane founded? Olliane™ was founded in 2010. The skincare line was officially launched in 2013. During this period of time we have invested many hours of research, development and testing to make sure you will get the best product you deserve with the quality you are looking for. What is unique about Olliane™ ? Olliane™ offers a non-toxic and all natural line of skincare products. It was created as an alternative to traditional products where it may contain potentially harmful ingredients. Olliane™ creates customized products that are formulated to match your personal needs and preferences with the ideal …

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