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Do Cosmetic Companies Really Care About Your Health?

In December 2013, The Environmental Defense Organization has published a shocking report titled “How the Cosmetics Industry Ranks on Toxic Chemicals”. They assessed 5 big companies that manufacture cosmetics sold in Canada. You know them all – I’m sure!!! Procter & Gamble Johnson & Johnson Unilever Estée Lauder L’Oreal The Environmental Defense Organization researched the  following most important factors that affect YOUR health and well-being: Has a process of getting rid of all toxic ingredients been started yet? Hmmm, what do you think the answer is? Are the big companies addressing concerns about chemicals in products? I’m guessing you already …

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Toxins and Personal Care

Toxins and personal care are two terms which you may think would never go together. However, it appears that personal care products may contain toxic ingredients or byproduct of the manufacturing process. In this article I would like to provide you with some information on what toxins are, what are the possible risks,  and what they have to do with personal care products. What is Toxicity? Toxicity is the ability of a substance to produce a harmful effect when the chemical has reached a sufficient concentration at a specific organ of the body. The more toxic a component is, the …

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Marilyn B. Oshawa, ON Canada, Nov 2013

I met Irit at a Networking event.  She had set up a beautiful table with all of her soaps and creams.  Everything was so beautifully wrapped.  I could see that Irit was a person who paid attention to detail.  I asked her about using her soaps on my face.  She indicated that the one with coconut was meant for the face.  Once I smelled it, I had to try it.  What a wonderful fragrance! I have found that as I age, winter is not so good for my skin.  More and more each winter, I seem to develop more dry …

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Using only the Finest Botanical Ingredients

finest ingredients

Our botanical ingredients include the finest herb extracts from around the world combined with special aromatic flower essential oils, pure organic oils and natural plants extracts.

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Scientifically Use the Natural Active Ingredients of Plants

natural ingredients

At Olliane, we scientifically use the natural active ingredients of plants for creating effective antioxidants and essential skin nutrition products, while maintaining their freshness and potency.

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