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Luxurious Bath Cubes

Made by a Toxicologist to be highly effective, non-toxic and deeply moisturizing for the body. This elegant box contains 3 Luxurious bath cubes which are a sweet and relaxing blend of  butters and essential oils. Melt one bath cube in a tub full of water for the most luxurious and relaxing experience. Moisturizing skin benefits lasts for several days. This all natural Bath Cues contain Cocoa butter, Shea butter and essential oils. They are all Non-Toxic and safe.


We have 5 different types of Bath Cubes, each box includes 3 cubes of the same kind:


  1. Luxurious Bath Cubes-Soothe the skin (natural Cocoa and Shea butter)
  2. Luxurious Bath Cubes-Relaxation Aid Treat (release daily stress)
  3. Luxurious Bath Cubes-Muscle Relaxation (ease muscles soreness/stiffness after workout)
  4. Luxurious Bath Cubes- Sleep Aid Treat (helps to get a good night sleep)
  5. Luxurious Bath Cubes-Christmas Treat (Cyprus and Orange based essential oils)


Luxurious Bath Cubes

Luxurious Bath Cubes


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I enjoyed the bath Cube very much. I also gave Z. one cube. Z’s back hurt after the day’s training and drills and a hot bath with the healing herbs and lovely oils helped his muscles to relax and ease his pain. Thank you!

Sylvia S.


Wonderful product ! The fruity scent is awesome ! Purchased 4 sets as a holiday gift for friends. Very content with my purchase. Thank YOU !

Osnat T.

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