Marilyn B. Oshawa, ON Canada, Nov 2013

I met Irit at a Networking event.  She had set up a beautiful table with all of her soaps and creams.  Everything was so beautifully wrapped.  I could see that Irit was a person who paid attention to detail.  I asked her about using her soaps on my face.  She indicated that the one with coconut was meant for the face.  Once I smelled it, I had to try it.  What a wonderful fragrance!

I have found that as I age, winter is not so good for my skin.  More and more each winter, I seem to develop more dry flakes.  I have to moisturize a lot and even then, I still get flakes.  It’s like dandruff on my face.  I tried the soap for a week and my face stopped flaking.  It suds up beautifully, rinses clean and what a wonderful scent.  I love it!  I can’t wait to try her winter face cream.  I appreciate that the products are good and natural.  With Irit as the designer, I feel confident that the ingredients will not harm my skin.  Most of all I do like the value.  The products are certainly affordable.  Try it.  You will like it!



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