Bethea R. Vaughan Canada, Sep 2013

I jumped at the chance to write this testimonial for Irit.  Actually, Irit’s product because no matter how nice the person is, if their product isn’t good, all the words in the world will not get repeat business!

I have a severe problem with dry, cracked heels.  My friend raved about Irit’s product, so I thought I’d give it a chance.  Nothing to lose – right!
Irit asked me a couple of questions about the smells I prefer, and a couple of days later I went to pick up my “personalized” foot cream.
I am delighted to report that within a couple of uses, my disgusting heels had dramatically improved.  The cream is not sticky and absorbs quickly.  I love how my feet feel when I put the cream on, and now I have no issues with people looking at my feet.  And the price!  Totally affordable!

Thanks, Irit!

PS – I am a real person, I met Irit through a good friend of mine.
I am very impressed not only with Irit’s extensive knowledge and passion for what she does, but also for how much attention she pays to my personal likes and dislikes regarding textures and smells.  Irit is the real thing!  Do yourself a favour and give her a chance to make a difference for you too!


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